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What the Eye Perceives, the Body Confirms

Discover a breakthrough in seating design and comfort. Allsteel, in partnership with the internationally-recognized, Milan-based Design Continuum Italia, has pursued a path of disciplined research and refined sensibilities to create a chair that offers the most advanced, automatic ergonomics, intuitive controls, and elegant aesthetics. We call it Acuity. You’ll call it an entirely new sitting experience.


Dress for success with a slip on jacket that offers premium appeal in conference areas, private offices, or the board room. Elegantly tailored with a simple snap closure and seven stitches per inch, architects and interior designers can choose from jackets in over 300 approved colors, including over 50 from Edelman Leather, one of the world’s most respected tanners. Remove the jacket and you’re back to mesh for everyday flexibility, anywhere in the office.


With Acuity, everything extraneous has been stripped away, leaving behind only form that is an expression of function. The back yoke rises up from the stem of the chair like the branches of a tree, offering a harmonious shape with innovative engineering that improves ergonomics, naturally.


Even the arms have been designed to reflect and enhance the human body – they’re substantial for secure support as you lift yourself out of the chair, but elegantly proportioned and gracefully scaled. Each control can be found right where your fingers will naturally search for it. And they can be moved with the gentlest of touches, so adjustments don’t ever become interruptions.


Fine-tuning the fit is critical to optimizing ergonomics and improving personal comfort. Acuity’s controls are well-marked, easy-to-find tabs, located along the sides of the seat so they’re simple to see, understand, and use. Now you’ll never have to get out of your seat or fuss with paddles and knobs to adjust your chair.


Mult-surface casters provide smooth functioning on any surface, from a carpeted conference room to polished concrete. Finishes that match bases in standard black, or graphite, silver, or polished aluminum give Acuity head-to-toe elegance.

Early Design Concepts

Acuity’s unique fit and feel has been designed in from the very first conceptual stages. The design team studied the human body, using anthropometric databases and field research to understand how the body moves and what kind of ergonomic support it needs, through all the different tasks of a typical workday. AcuFit combines three technologies to create a singularly comfortable and healthy seated experience: the hybrid seat cushion, weight-activated controls, and a conforming mesh back and carrier that flexes to support the back from the shoulders to the lumbar region, simultaneously and continuously. “In most chairs, the seat and back are flat planes, unlike your spine, which curves,” notes Bruce Fifield, partner of the Milan office of Design Continuum Italia. “We wanted dynamic and fluid movement. We wanted the chair to surround you, not just support you.” The process involved an enormous amount of trial and error to stay true to the original vision. But compromise was not an option. “You have to find everything that fails,” Fifield explains. “And then you’ll find what works.”

Material Versatility

Acuity has been designed to complement any interior design, any organizational aesthetic. Purity of form, sensual lines, and a slender profile let it make a supportive statement to every environment, every body. Choose from several classic colors for chassis, base, caster, mesh carrier, and mesh and a wide variety of standard and partnership upholstery options.